is being talked about all over town these days. In addition to several Television and News Programs, we have also been written up in the local newspapers here in San Diego, California.

Here is the article from the San Diego Union-Tribune...

Baby, you look good!

Local surfer makes wee ones into stars of magazine covers

By Terry Rodgers
March 1, 2005

The desire of surfers to make a living from their passion is as common as kelp off Point Loma.

In the pauses between set waves, many dream of inventing a new product that will become the latest must-have surfing accessory.

Every day, some surfing Einstein hopeful slaves away in his garage workshop over some wacky new blow-up surfing vest or retractable board leash.

While growing up in La Jolla, Kenny Blunt always felt he'd find a niche for himself somewhere in the surf industry.

To begin with, he has the pedigree. By age 8 he was surfing at Windansea, a competitive surf break steeped in surfing history. As a teenager, he found work at Su Casa, the La Jolla eatery that has given countless surfers their first gainful employment. After graduating from USC in 1994, he landed a sales and marketing job at Johnson & Johnson. He's resisted promotions that would render him landlocked.

"You could not pay me $100 million to move away from the ocean," Blunt said.

He got married, started a family and settled down in Carmel Valley.

"I do not surf as much as I would like because of family obligations, but I do get to the beach every day, whether it's a walk or to watch a sunset or just to look at the waves," he said.

Surfing is the time Blunt recharges his soul. Time in the water is sacred.

"It's my time alone to think and be thankful," he said.

As his career advanced, he held onto his ambition to launch a business venture connected to surfing.

But what kind of business?

"I opened a fortune cookie many years ago and it said: 'Patience is a virtue,' " he said.

Then, as it often does, inspiration came when he least expected it.

After the birth of their second child, Blunt and his wife, Erika, decided to send out handmade announcements.

Using a computer program, Blunt created a postcard-sized picture showing his newborn son, Colin, riding a surfboard on the cover of a surfing magazine.

"It's something anybody can do, but no one else has," he said.

They sent the cards to 75 friends and extended family members and got an overwhelming response.

Blunt realized he'd discovered something with vast appeal. Last month, he put up a Web site ( and thus Surfing Baby, a home-based business, was born.

He creates the birthday announcements on his computer and has them printed at a local photography laboratory. He can make them as large as a poster, suitable for hanging. There are five different templates for surfing cover shots.

Customers have their choice of 18 magazine templates, from Surfer to Glamour.

Blunt has booked a booth to hawk his unique announcement cards at the U.S. Open, which starts July 31 in Huntington Beach. Local surfing shops carry flyers advertising the commercial Web site.

"Every surfer needs to put their kid on the cover of a surfing mag," he said.


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