is comprised of professional graphic artists and designers working to ensure that your Baby or Birthday Announcement is the best ever.

To help us accomplish this, we ask that you send us a good useable photo of your child for us to incorporate into the announcement.

We accept all types of photos: Digital, Film, Slides, or Prints... on almost any format: CD, DVD, Memory Card, E-Mail, U.S. Mail, EZ Upload, Zip Disk, etc.

If you are taking a photo specifically for use in a Announcement, we suggest that you shoot your child in a position that will fit in with the format of the Magazine Cover you have selected.

We also suggest that you place your child (if possible) on a solid white or black background which makes it easier for us to mask and insert into the new Announcement (hint: put your child on a white sheet on the bed or floor). Please dress your baby as you want him/her to appear in the Announcement.

If you are sending us an existing photo of your child, please make sure that it is a good quality and decent sized photo for us to use. If using a digital camera, please use 3+ megapixel, or if using regular film, you can scan it at 300 - 600 DPI or U.S. Mail us the original photo - 4x6 or larger.) cannot be responsible for the quality of your child's photo, but we will attempt to do our best to enhance the image quality when necessary.

If you have any further questions about this,
please call 888-BABY-557


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