About SurfingBaby.com

We founded Surfingbaby.com because of our love of surfing and kids, hence the name. After receiving numerous phone calls after we sent out a birth announcement of our second child, we realized there was a need for really Cool and Fun Baby and Birthday Announcements.

There are thousand of company's out there making Baby and Birthday Announcements, either of poor quality or the standard picture and tissue paper with a bow. These are THROW AWAYS & BORING! When people receive an Announcement from you created by SurfingBaby.com, you will be sure to receive a phone call telling you that this was the Coolest Announcement they have ever seen, whether it be a Baby or Birthday Announcement. After all, every mom and dad want to show their kids off and a Cool SurfingBaby.com Baby or Birthday Announcement is the first step.

As one father stated after receiving the Announcement, "I am a guy, and as guys we typically do not care about baby or birthday announcements... but your Baby Announcement was the coolest I have ever seen. My wife spent close to $400 on our announcement and it was good but yours was great."

Another mom called and said, "We have your SurfingBaby.com Announcement on our refrigerator and it's not even our kid's announcement". Another stated, "I don't even have kids, but when I do, I'm using the Surfing Magazine from SurfingBaby.com."


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